Is Price and Choice all People Want?

It's very easy to buy things cheaply (see Wal-Mart). It's also easy to have a huge choice (see Amazon).

But is that all people want?

And if you decide they want more, what can you do about it?

Think about this:

You want to grow your business, and the way to do that is by having customers who spend more with you, more often.

You want customers with money, and customers who will pay more for your products or services than they might if they were simply shopping by price or because of a large selection.

Indeed, you want customers who believe that low price means sacrificing quality and customer service.

And you want customers who believe that a large selection puts an overwhelming burden of choice on their shoulders.

Instead, how about having customers who:

  • Value customer service and will pay a premium for it
  • Want to be led – they want help from a trusted adviser when making a choice
  • Want to to build a relationship over the long term with that trusted adviser

Focusing on these customers puts you in an entirely different marketplace.

And, I believe, one that you will enjoy much more.

So the question becomes, how do you attract and nurture these customers?