Why it pays to be a little bit famous

It’s a bizarre world we live in.

…where Justin Bieber gets more airtime than cancer researchers.

…where Lady Gaga (a friend here at RTG, admittedly) has more fans than someone who works in African orphanages.

…and where Rob Ford…

OK, we won’t go there.

But you must pay attention to why this is.

To be successful these days, you need to take a little dose of what they’re taking.

(OK, not a dose of what Rob Ford is taking, but…)

You see, most successful people are a little bit famous.

Not Bieber or Gaga famous, but famous within their own worlds.

There’s the Realtor who is famous for selling condos super-fast in one downtown building.

The insurance broker who is famous for saving people agony during tough times in their lives by giving timely advice on life insurance.

The mortgage professional who is famous for getting the best deals for people with three small kids and uncertain contract employment.

You see…a little bit of fame pays, because people follow the famous.

Fame is a shortcut for the brain…because in each box in the brain, there’s room for one famous person.

So you have to make sure you are that person.

I’m not pretending it’s easy.

Bieber works hard to say famous. He tours like a dog. Does chat shows. Tweets night and day (mostly night).

Gaga is the same. Years of hard work until she broke through. And still hard work now.

It will be hard work for you too.

Networking. Putting content on your website. Writing in local newspapers. Advertising. Sending a newsletter that has compelling, personal content.

But nothing good comes to those who don’t work.

That’s what we’ve found is true here at RTG Towers. Our best clients work their butts off.

And our best clients are a little bit famous – and they’re doing great.

Are you prepared to join them?