When it’s all about them

Tomorrow is the day we devote to the one we love.

It’s all about them.

And… that’s an appropriate thought when we’re talking about newsletters.

Why? Because a good newsletter is all about them.

It’s all about what will interest your clients and leads.

So, instead of bragging about how great you are, prove you’re great by telling them something that will help them.

… Something that will make their lives better.

Putting your audience – your clients and leads – first is my #1 rule of newsletter marketing.

Following that rule will get your newsletter read, which in turn will bring you clients.

It doesn’t mean you can’t put in offers that encourage your readers to contact you. But it does mean that you can’t just talk about yourself all the time.

Because just like in a Valentine’s date – a self-absorbed partner is a big turn-off.

Get your newsletter love at the link below. February is still available, and March will be ready on Sunday – so you’ll get two newsletters in your free trial month.