When Halloween is in February and today is yesterday

Imagine for a moment, if you will, that you’re the editor of a glossy magazine, such as Cosmopolitan.

This idea could either fill you with joy or horror, depending on your thoughts about the width of pants or the height of hair.

But one thing you would be grappling with is a screwed-up calendar.

Because magazines have to plan and print so far advance, right now you are likely working on June’s issue. All summery and vacationy.

Back in February it was Halloween.

And in May it was Christmas.

When I worked on a daily morning paper, we had to go to press at about 10pm the night before.

So every “today” was a “yesterday” and every “tomorrow” was a “today”.

It really screwed me up one Thursday when I was sure that Saturday was around the corner – forgetting that Friday came first.

It’s no wonder I quit.

But there’s something useful about thinking ahead. It helps you get more done.

Most people don’t plan beyond dinner, especially when it comes to their business.

They might know that, for example, the holidays are an important time to market, but they don’t even start thinking about it until late November, which doesn’t give them enough time to get things going.

The same happens in the New Year. A January promotion needs to be ready in December if it’s to hit at the start of the year.

Sometimes it’s worth sitting down and taking time out – to ponder the future.

Over here in newsletterland, the December issue is with Jae, one of our production guys. He’s making all the various sizes we offer.

While it might already by Christmas for us, it’s not too late for you.

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And makes you look darn good.