The Justin Bieber newsletter theory

A few years ago at a party I met someone who wrote songs for Justin Bieber. 

“I composed that one in the shower,” he said. 

I guess I didn’t show enough “awesome”. (Instead I was more “whatever.”  More “meh.”) 

So the guy ignored me for the rest of the party. 

Which was fine. 

As a 40-something man, I wouldn’t know a Justin Bieber song if it wormed into my ears and took up residence in my left frontal lobe. 

Indeed, all I know about Biebs (see what I did there?) is the Bad Stuff. 

The Lamborghini drag race in Miami. 

The alleged assault in Toronto. 

And something about a monkey in Berlin. 

Clearly a kid going off the rails, said my 40-something curmudgeonly brain. 

So you can imagine my surprise when across my Facebook newsfeed came a post that said “Why Justin Bieber is still my idol”. And in that post was details of all the singer’s charity work. 

Apparently he raised a ton of cash after the typhoon in the Philippines, supports Make-A-Wish children and helps raise money for schools in Guatemala. He’s 20th on a list of charitable celebs. 

I had no idea. 

Because you don’t get that kind of news on TV. 

But clearly Bieber had managed to communicate the Good Stuff to his fans. 

Now, I don’t know if he sends a newsletter. But I do know he tweets. And I expect he Facebooks too. Or snapchats. Or whatever the kids do these days. 

So his fans had the full update on the good side of Justin Bieber. The reasons why he’s still someone to look up to, despite his recent issues. 

Of course, you don’t get into drag races in yellow sports cars. Probably. 

You don’t find news of your Bad Stuff splashed over TMZ. 

But I bet people don’t know enough about the Good Stuff you do. 

They probably don’t realize how much heartache you saved a family because of the work you do. Or how you saved someone else thousands of dollars. Or the time someone sent a massive box of chocolates to your office…just to say thanks. 

Because why would they know? Unless you told them. 

So use your newsletter to tell people about the good stuff you do. 

Tell the story of how you helped someone. 

Add a testimonial from a delighted client. 

Our newsletters make it easy to do that. They’re ready prepared for you, and all you need to do is replace one article with some Good Stuff about yourself. Boom. It’s done.