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Your potential clients spend 50 minutes every day on Facebook.

That's why you must have an active, effective Facebook presence.

The answer: We'll handle Facebook for you,  create posts that generate leads, and even guarantee 300+ Facebook users visit your listings each month.

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Daily posts To keep your Facebook page active

7 out of 10 people expect you to be on Facebook. Make sure you're there with up-to-date, useful and entertaining posts.

  • Build Relationships

    Stay in front of leads and clients by appearing in their Facebook feeds every day.

  • Demonstrate You're the Expert

    Links to interesting and relevant articles show you know what’s happening in real estate today.

  • People Look Forward to Hearing From You

    Your Facebook page will be so interesting that people will enjoy seeing your posts.

Facebook posts that generate leads

Every post we put on your page is designed to encourage people to get in touch with you

  • Special Lead-Generating Posts

    Twice per week, posts will point to special pages that encourage leads to give you their email addresses.

  • Always a Way to Get In Touch

    The content we share on your page gives people a chance to contact you, thanks to a “floating bar” that leads back to your website.

  • For Buyers and Sellers

    Special lead generation posts and “lead magnets” attract buyers and sellers.

Local content that appeals to homeowners

Posts with local news and real estate statistics make your page interesting and relevant to buyers and sellers

  • Be the Local Expert

    Local posts show that you are on top of what is happening in your city or county.

  • Twice per Week

    We will add local content to your Facebook page twice per week, when available.

  • Posts That Get Shared

    Local content is more likely to get shared – which means more people see your name.

Free mini-website to capture more leads

With most real estate websites, only 3% of visitors ever contact the agent. Fix that with a website specifically designed to collect email addresses.

  • Special Pages for Buyers and Sellers

    Special pages for buyers and sellers have “lead magnets” designed to collect email addresses so you can build your database of contacts.

  • Branded With Your Colors, Logo and Headshot

    Your mini-website will fit in with your existing branding, with your colors, your headshot, your logo, and your contact information.

  • Cutting-Edge Marketing

    Pages use the latest, most successful marketing techniques to capture more email addresses for automatic follow-up.

Your dedicated lead capture website will collect more leads so you win more listings

Click here for examples of our Facebook posting service
  • A bold offer that encourages people to give you their contact information (most real estate websites don’t have any offer… so people just hit the back button)
  • A website that follows the “Golden Glove” (TM) methodology for hyper-effective marketing
  • All the information they need is above the fold – no scrolling – so you capture the greatest number of leads
  • Simple forms make it easy for them to give you their contact information
  • Dedicated pages to attract buyers and sellers
  • Pages work on smartphones as well as regular computers
  • Leads are sent relevant, interesting information within 5 minutes that positions you as the go-to expert (Research By Inside Sales has shown 35% to 50% of leads go to the person who responds first while the average agent has a response time of 15 hours).
  • Leads are sent – completely automatically - at least 10 interesting, relevant messages that encourage them to contact you
  • All the leads are put into your newsletter contact database so you can keep in touch with them over the long term

Free Drip Campaigns to Make Follow-Up Automatic

Fact: 35-50% of clients go to agent who responds first. Now you can respond automatically - and keep in touch in the weeks to come.

  • Get Response

    Leads get a series of emails that encourage them to call.

  • Buyers and Sellers

    Buyer and seller leads get their own messages with interesting, relevant content.

  • 100% Automatic

    Leads are sent messages every few days – you don’t have to do anything.

Fast, long-term follow-up will win you more clients... because you beat every other agent to the best leads!

  • Series of 10 messages for buyer prospects that position you as the obvious choice
  • Series of 10 messages for seller prospects that helps prove you can sell their homes quickly
  • Prospects are sent the first message within 5 minutes!
  • Automatic notifications to your inbox when a prospect clicks on a link in an email (so you can see who are your most active leads)
  • Emails that encourage response – so you can get into a dialog with your hottest leads
  • Stay in touch with leads every few days for almost a month… automatically
  • Option to edit and add to the messages
  • All leads go into your main database so you can continue to send them newsletters in the months and years ahead
Click here for examples of our Facebook posting service

No-Risk, Easy Way to Get Started

No activation fee, no contract, one-month guarantee.

  • Month-to-Month Contract or Annual Pre-Payment Discount

    Choose to pay monthly with no contract. Or save money with an annual program.

  • Like It Or Your Money Back

    The first month is fully guaranteed. If you don’t like it, let us know and we will give you your money back in the first 30 days.

  • No Facebook Page? We Will Make One For Free

    We will set up your page for free – other companies charge for this.


Get 300 Extra Clicks to Your Listings - Guaranteed

We will promote up to 3 listings per month to your local area - for free.

  • Guaranteed Seen by 5000 People

    Will will promote your listings so that 5000 people per month see them in their Facebook feeds.

  • Guaranteed 300 Clicks to Your Listings

    We guarantee that 300 people will click through to your listing. Your sellers will love the extra promotion you give their homes!

  • Listings Promoted in Local Zip Codes

    Cost-effective way to reach hundreds of buyers in your local area.

Free print and email newsletters

Free membership to our ready-made newsletter service - $97 per month value

  • Print and Email Formats

    Fresh content each month for you to send by mail or email. Includes ability to send 1000 emails per month.

  • Completely Ready-Made

    The newsletters are customized with your contact information, headshot and logo. Use them as they are… or edit them as much as you wish.

  • Archive of Past Articles

    Hundreds of previously published articles you can use on your website, blog… even your Facebook page!