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Working with printers is complicated. You've got to know about trim sizes, paper weights, bleeds...

Instead, let us handle printing and mailing for you - for your own list or for farming. Just email your template to us... and it's ready to go!

1h2zjnz-side-v02If you've ever worked with a printer, you know it can be just that... work!

There are lots of things they will ask you. Such as... what paper do you want? Do you have a bleed? What paper format are you using? Did you embed the fonts...?

It's enough to drive you insane!

So that's why when you have us to the printing, all you have to do is send us the file - we take care of the rest.

Here's the thing: we here at Ready to Go Newsletters have helped thousands of real estate agents win new listings by using our ready-made newsletters.

And because of all this experience, we know what makes newsletters work. And we know how to print and mail them right!

You see, there's more to newsletters than meets the eye.

You've got to make sure the newsletter is delivered to the right people - without breaking the bank.

Most printers don't specialize in newsletters.

We do... and we specialize in printing and mailing our own newsletters.

That's why when you print and mail with us, you know that it will be done right... without the stress.

4 Good Reasons to Choose the Newsletter Experts

1. You will spend your money wisely

We will advise you on printing and mailing strategies so that you get the best bang for your buck. That means you won't waste money on unnecessary mailing costs. Did you know, for example, that you can save money by mailing to a concentrated area? Did you know you can mail just to single-family homes? Do other printers offer this kind of advice?

2. Everything will be done for you - without the stress

Dealing with printers yourself can be a hassle because there are so many details to get right. We check every newsletter to make sure it is going to print well, and if we find problems, we fix them for you. You can just leave it to us and we will get it done. Do other printers give you this peace of mind?

3. You will get the best mailing options

Dealing with the postal service can be complicated. So let us do it for you. We will make sure you get the best delivery method for what you want to achieve. Do other printers take the time to find out what you are looking to achieve?

4. You have access to quality content and templates

If you need content or templates, we can supply them with our ready-made newsletter service. We can even design a template from scratch! Do other printers have access to ready-made newsletter content from professional writers?

Ready-to-Go Newsletters did not disappoint me!  They produced  a newsletter product I had not heard about before and mailed it with a new USPS reduced postal fee!  They designed the 'postcard newsletter' from beginning to end and the result was very professional  and visually pleasing!   Billing//customer service was as good as the marketing department and I will gladly continue to use them for my quarterly newsletter postcard…I couldn't be happier! They are the real deal! "

Donna Bosze, Realtor, Chesapeake, VA
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Two Ways to Mail... Choose the One That Suits You Best

1. Contact Database Mailings

When you want to mail to your client list or to a list of prospects in various locations, choose our regular mailings service.

We will print and mail your newsletter to a list of addresses that you provide. Or we will buy a mailing list for you for a small extra fee. All newsletters are sent via USPS standard mail.

2. Farming Mailings

When you want to hit every house in a neighborhood, choose our local neighborhood mailings. We can save you a lot of money by helping you select the most cost effective mailing area because USPS gives big discounts if you are smart with your targeted mailings.

Get Free Expert Advice on How to Most Effectively Mail

We have lots of experience mailing newsletters (and postcards) for our real estate clients.

When you decide to print and mail with us, you'll meet with Kyla Bodley, our printing and mailing manager.

She will discuss your objectives with you. Together, you will figure out the most effective and best value way to achieve your objectives.

Let the newsletter experts print your newsletter. Contact us today for advice and a quote.


Simon Payn

Ready to Go Newsletters

P.S. Don't let just any printer handle your newsletter. Let the experts do it, and get quality feel the security that comes with knowing it will be done right by people who specialize in printing and mailing newsletters

Schedule a Free Consult Today

Schedule a free consult with our printing and mailing manager

Just tell us your name and email and Kyla Bodley, our printing and mailing manager, will be in touch shortly.

We value your privacy and would never spam you