More response than a Patsy Cline tribute artist?

I was hosting the breakfast show at the local community radio station yesterday.

For those of you who are new here – it’s a voluntary position. This isn’t Sirius or NPR.

I’m just happy if I don’t have five minutes of dead air. So many buttons and so many potential mistakes.

But anyway.

Doing radio is funny. There you are, sitting alone in a small room, talking to nobody.

You just hope somebody is listing.

So yesterday at 7.40 a.m. I held a call-in contest. The first person to phone in with the answer to a question would win a CD by a Patsy Cline tribute artist. (Don’t ask…)

So when the line opened, suddenly there was a deluge of calls!

Yes – people were listening.

And they were taking action.

So what’s my point here?

Sending newsletters is very much like that. You don’t know if people are reading them. Sometimes you doubt if people are even receiving them.


Until you start getting response!

It might just be some feedback and encouragement (a lot of our own clients say their clients enjoy receiving the newsletters we make).

Or it might be clients calling to list with you.

And then suddenly you realize…this newsletter thing works! I’m not just sending them into the air!

And that’s a great feeling. You’ve just gotta have a little faith.