Like a boy who loves trains

Many seven-year-old boys love trains.

But not many write a blog about them.

And fewer still have so much success that their blog wins sponsorship from Canadian Pacific Rail and he gets to hang out with the company once per month.

But this is what happened to Nathan.

Why? Because he has passion.

He… just… loves… trains!

And it shows.

Now… we’re not seven-year-old boys. We have all those adult responsibilities to think about.

But can we rediscover our passion for what we do?

I think so.

Because when you sit down and consider it… there’s a lot that we can get quite passionate about.

… about how we can help people.

… about how we can stop people making mistakes.

… about the ins and outs of what we do and how we do it.

… about why we do what we do.

When you take a minute and really think about – there’s a lot of passion inside us.

And it’s this passion we can share on our websites and in our newsletters.

Here’s the thing.

Most people don’t do this. They’re can’t think like a seven-year-old boy.

But if you can… well, then you’re light years ahead of almost everyone else.

(Plus – and this is a big bonus – you also enjoy what you are doing so much more.)

So, let’s get started.

We can provide you with a ready-made newsletter that you can edit as much as you wish.

Try it for a few months and see if your passion comes back to you in multiples with new business.