Leader or follower?

There’s not much difference between the seven-year-old schoolchildren of today and those of my time, 35 years ago.

For instance, they still are told to walk in snakes, holding hands two by two, following a leader.

They need that leader if they hoping to get somewhere.

Otherwise it would be chaos.

Lost gloves, grazed knees, tears…

Not much changes as we grow up. We still like leaders (even if we don’t want to admit it.)

After all, following is often easier than leading.


… The spoils go to those who lead. They get rewarded for that tough job.

So the question is – who will lead?

Any why not you?

In business, it pays to be a leader because people will gravitate to you.

They want someone to follow.

So why not be a leader in your market?

Why not have people follow you – rather than someone else?

It’s pretty easy to be a leader with your newsletter.

You just include interesting, relevant content that shows you have the expertise of a true leader.

When your competitors are just followers, it doesn’t take much to show leadership ability.

Our newsletters come ready-made with articles that will set you apart.

Then you can, if you wish, edit them to add that extra, local, super-relevant content.