How do I know if my newsletter is working?

How do I know if my newsletter is working?

That was the question I got from a client yesterday.

It’s an important question – not just for your newsletters but for any marketing you do.

A lot of people make the mistake of guessing, which results in a lot of wrong decisions…and wrong decisions don’t help you grow your business.

Instead, develop a system to track where incoming calls and emails are coming from.

With online marketing, you can do it automatically. There are systems that will track exactly where an inquiry is coming from.

But when your inquiry comes in the form or a call or email, it’s often more difficult.

Unless you have a coupon code in your marketing, usually only way to track where the contact came from is to ask: where did you hear about is. Or: what prompted your call today?

And if you don’t get a precise enough answer, try asking for more detail: Did you see an ad in the paper, did you search for us online or did you get a newsletter?

Once you get your answer, track it somewhere – on a spreadsheet or in your customer relationship management software.

It’s important.

Doing this is the only way to make smart decisions.

Because working from a hunch just isn’t good enough.