Give Before You Take: the Art of Nurturing Leads

So much of business is common sense, it pains me to write about it.

Yet so much that business owners do goes against simple common sense that…well… I guess I just have to point out the obvious.

Here’s today’s topic: give before you take.

Imagine you meet someone for the first time and they say, “can you lend me a hundred bucks?” or “can you write me a character reference?”

You’d think they were crazy, right? And, frankly, you’d think they were…to say the least… lacking social skills. Lacking finesse.

After all, these kind of favors should only be asked once the two of you have some kind of relationship.

Psychologists have a concept known as the emotional bank account. The idea is to make  deposits into this bank account before you start to make withdrawals.

That means people give first…before they start to take. (After all, we all know where getting into debt leads us…)

So why do so many business owners think they can take BEFORE they give?

Why is the first communication they have with prospects a solicitation asking for business?

Why do so many real estate agents ask for work (that could be maybe $10,000 in commission) without first providing some kind of value to their prospects?

Why do so many insurance brokers expect you are going to trust them to find you good insurance at a reasonable price without first demonstrating that they are willing to do something for you?

The Art of Nurturing Leads

Relationships with prospects need to be cultivated carefully. The emotional bank account needs to be full before you start making withdrawals.

That means you need to offer value before you start selling.

  • When, for example, you send a newsletter, make most of it valuable content.
  • Provide value in your communications before you start selling.
  • When you ask people to sign up for your newsletter, show that you will give them something of value.

Give before you take.