Dead leaves, clean sweeps and flossing

Fall comes early to my part of the world.

The leaves have already changed color (boy, it was spectacular this year) and now they’re mostly dead on the ground.

The firewood is delivered and stacked.

The outdoor furniture secured from frost.

The deck swept clean.

…just as I do every year.

It’s the rhythm of the season – and you know what? It’s kinda soothing.

Just like the geese who are gathering, I know that when fall comes, I have to prepare for winter.

No questions asked.

Rhythms like this are helpful. They automate life. Like flossing or making that first coffee.

They’re classic no-brainers.

That’s why I publish our newsletters always on 15th of the month, ready for the next month.

Like clockwork.

It’s easier to do something automatically than having to use up brainpower to consider if and when to get that thing done.

I suggest you do that with your own newsletter. Get into a rhythm. Make it a habit.

Then it becomes as routine as brushing your teeth.

And of course, when you have one ready-made for you – delivered on a monthly rhythm – it gets that much easier again.

Right now, our own rhythm dictates that Frances, our editor, is commissioning articles for the January newsletter.  (I’ve seen the line-up, and it’s exciting). That’s how far ahead we have to work.

You don’t need to work that far ahead. October and November are ready for members to download now.