Clients… or followers?

I just got the first draft of my book back from the designer – and it’s running at 270 pages.

(If you ever need to reach something at the top of the closet, you know what to stand on.)

The first chapter is about finding your “why” – the reason you do what you do.

So… why and I writing about your “why”? Because it’s critical to making your marketing successful and your business life happy and fulfilling.

Here’s the thing:

People gravitate to businesses and businesspeople that have a purpose to doing what they do.

When it’s a choice between a soulless, barren, money-making enterprise and you – the purposeful businessperson – the decision is easy.

You can connect with someone with a “why”.

Indeed, when you are able to explain your “why”, you find that you don’t just have clients, you have followers.

You have people to want to listen to what you have to say.

That means that not only do you get more clients, but you get clients who are more compliant and willing to pay more.

Because they want meaning too!

For all of this, I encourage you to consider your newsletter as part of your “why”.

If, for example, you are in business because you know you can help people, then it’s pretty much obligatory that you educate them. After all, they will be better off when they hear what you have to say.

A newsletter helps with that.

And if you can share your “why” in your newsletter (we encourage you to edit it to do that, if you wish), you’ll win followers even faster.

So start thinking of your “why”.

And then share it.

You’ll love it… and your clients will love you too.

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