Business Owner on a Wire

Have you seen Man on a Wire? The docu-movie about a guy who decides (and succeeds) to walk a tightrope between the two towers of the World Trade Center.

It’s a fascinating movie. It kept me entertained on a long transatlantic flight a few months ago.

Anthony Tjan reminded me how the movie is also a must-see for entrepreneurs.

This is a story for someone who had a seemingly impossible dream – to walk a wire between the then newly-built towers.

Everyone thought he was crazy.

And he probably was.

But he did it. How?

  • By having a powerful, simple goal
  • By planning extremely carefully
  • By choosing team members who supported his goal
  • By being single-minded towards achieving that goal, against all adversity
  • By going ahead, despite people thinking he’s crazy.
  • And yes, by being a little bit crazy himself.

As Tjan says:

You want someone like Petit to succeed because it seems so improbable
and outlandish that it takes a creative visionary with some degree of
craziness to pull it off. Seeing this movie is an inspiration for those
who dare to think differently and push the boundaries.