Bloodthirsty dictator too tired to kill

So I read this news story the other day about an African dictator who took control of his country in a military coup.

But now he’s regretting it…because he’s not getting enough sleep and he’s tired all the time.

Yeah, a bloody uprising can really put a harsh on your sweet dreams.

Guess he wishes he’d stayed home and watched re-runs of Dallas.

Hey…being a dictator takes work.

And so does making sales with newsletters (just without the murder part).

Kathy was one of those people who wanted some kind of “fairy dust” way to get more clients – just a calorie of effort and as little time as possible.

Now, that’s fine. Newsletters help you leverage both of those things.

But you have to do SOME work. C’mon – this is the real world we’re living in.

You can’t just sit munching chips and hope that business will come your way. Kathy quit in the first month and went on to the next bright, shiny object.

On the other hand, there’s my successful clients. Like Shirley, Barbara, Caleb, Steve, Alfred, Bruce, Larry, Angela, Robert, Jonathan, David, Lisa, Suzanne, Jessica, Joe, Stuart…and scores like them who have been sending newsletters month after month for over two years. And some for much longer.

They work, for maybe about 30 minutes per month (if that) on their newsletters.

They download them, they customize them a little and they email or print them.

And they keep doing it because the newsletters bring them clients.


…if you’re here thinking you’re going to have to do zero work, then we’re not for you.

But if you can make just a small amount of effort, the rewards will be big as you rise above your competitors, dominate your market and reap the benefits over many years to come.