Are You Wasting Your Website Visitors?

Here’s a bold claim: You could double your income if you stopped wasting the visitors who come to your website.

How can I claim this?

The thing is, people don’t necessarily contact you or, much less buy from you, the first time they visit your website.

Indeed, it takes at least five “touches” with you on average before they commit to doing something.

I know this as a fact from looking at the stats from my own business. Of the new members that join, more than 50% join at least 12 days after they first visit my site!

So…what happens to those that don’t take action right away?

In most cases – in the vast majority of websites – that visitor is lost. Probably forever. After all, most people are too busy and stressed to remember to come back to your website.

That’s why successful business put a form on their website that encourages people to join their mailing list.

Since doing what I’m going to suggest below, I’ve improved my conversion long-term rate by 50%. And that rate is going up month after month after month.

Of course, there’s a secret to doing this right. And it’s a topic I’ve written about many times, such as here.

But here are two easy ways to get that form up there.

1) If you are a member of my email service and are using Vertical Response (or even if you are using another email service provider) you can very easily create a form that you can post on your site.

The form looks like the one on the right here.

When people complete it, their details automatically go into your database so you can send them your newsletter.

2) If you don’t use Vertical Response (maybe you are sending print newsletters) all is not lost! Google provides free forms you can create and paste onto your website.

Just to go Create an account and then click on the link that says “create new” and choose “form”.

It’s very easy.

How I can help you

During the month of July, I’m offering to help members of Ready to Go Newsletters to put a form on their website.

If you would like help, please complete the form you will find when you log into your account.

I will contact you to discuss how we’re going to do it (the method will depend on the type of website you have.)

Honestly, this is the biggest single thing you can do to improve your income over the next year.