Are you ashamed?

Brrrrnnng! There’s the phone at Ready to Go Towers.

It’s someone asking about our newsletter service.

Indeed, it is a former client who quit a couple of years ago and went to use another newsletter.

The scoundrel! He found someone younger and prettier…and now he’s back with his tail between his legs.

There other guys weren’t getting the job done, he claimed.

He said newsletter wasn’t bringing in more business.

So we got into talking about why.

Turns out he was sending a snoozeletter that he couldn’t edit.

That’s not good.

How about putting some listings or just solds in it, I suggested, as he was a real estate agent. That would show that you have business.

After all, people like to work with someone who’s successful. It’s more likely they will get their homes sold.

The guy says: I don’t like to promote myself. It’s just not me. Never done that. Never will.

You know what? That made me feel sad.

Listen up:

I believe you are more accomplished at what you do than most people.

I believe you are a better choice than most other options they have.


…if you are not proving that you are better, you are doing a disservice to potential clients who might end up with a service that is inferior.

Instead of enjoying a great service and products that meets their needs, they are falling into the arms of something who will cost them time and money.

It’s such a shame…that it’s almost a crime.

So this is what I wanted to say to Mr No Promotion.

Get over it.

If you’re good at what you do, prove it.

Do yourself and your clients a favor.

It’s the right thing to do.

You can start right now with your own newsletter that you can edit as much as want to include information about what you do and testimonials from your ecstatic clients.