A Marketing Lesson from Hazel Wheeler’s 67-Year Diary

Hazel Wheeler found a diary at the age of 14. She went on to write entries in that diary every day for the next 67 years.

That fact, while astonishing, isn't the most interesting thing to be found in Hazel's diary, however.

Instead, it's the nature of the entries.

For example:

“John Lennon of The Beatles shot dead in New
York. Got first Christmas card, from Roy and Vera.”


“President Kennedy was assassinated as he drove through Dallas today. Shot
through the head. Baked macaroons and scones. Did knitting.”

Hazel has noted the biggest events of the past 67 years, but what is interesting is the equal prominence of the details of her everyday life.

Why is this important to anyone writing a newsletter?

Because Hazel demonstrates that the activities going on in her life are just as important as world events.

And that means your readers' daily lives are just as important – and often more important – than anything else you will communicate with them about.

So if you are going to connect deeply with your reader, you need to write about topics that relate to what is going on in your reader's life.

Something isn't important just because you think it is. It has to be important to your newsletter reader too.