A bunch of ideas, just by asking

I was emailing with a potential client, a real estate agent in California, this week.

She had responded to one of these messages – the one I sent on Monday about the danger of talking AT your clients.

She agreed with the main message in the email, but she asked: what kind of things should I put in my newsletter so that it is relevant to them?

Good question.

First, the newsletters we make already contain content that is relevant, informative and entertaining.

But to make them extra-relevant you can, of course, change them and add your own content.

That’s what this person wanted to do.

But with what?

So this is how I advised her:

Think about the conversations you have with your own clients. What specific things about real estate are they asking you? What is on their minds?

The next day I got a reply, and in her email was a list of excellent, super-relevant ideas.

They were the topics on the minds of clients in her city.

She had ideas enough for several newsletters!

So that’s all you have to do if you want to make your newsletter extra-relevant.

Use our newsletters for the skeleton of your own newsletter, then just switch out one article in which you answer a common question you receive.

That article should take you about ten minutes to write. Don’t fuss over it.

Then…you’re done!

Of course, you don’t have to do this. It’s purely optional.

Here’s where to try our ready-made newsletters that you can (optionally) edit as much as you wish: