Senior Songbirds Release 1st Studio Album at 102 & 88 Years Young

Not only are Alan R. Tripp and Marvin Weisbord inspirations for trying something new at any age, but in their pursuit to create something meaningful for themselves, they discovered a niche audience that was sorely missing a needed product. These two men in a Pennsylvania retirement community recently proved that age is just a number when they recently wrote, produced and released their first music album that will blow you away. 

Just shy of his 100th birthday, Alan R. Tripp wrote a poem and fellow resident and friend Marvin Weisbord, who is 88 years young, took that poem and set it to music as a surprise for Tripp’s birthday. From there, the oldest writer/composer/singer duo was born. 

Their inaugural album was released to the public on November 15th and it became an instant hit in the retirement home where they reside because new music for those whose tastes run more in alignment with classics such as Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald is currently not being produced. 

Click to watch a video of Tripp and Weisbord’s story.

Weisbord read that your musical memory is formed by the time you are fourteen and he went on to share this with the Washington Post. By creating this album, they have made those in their retirement community feel young again.

Neither Tripp nor Weisbord are paying attention to the sales of their album, they are more pleased with the human reaction they have received from their retirement community, friends, family, and letters from across the country. They don’t expect to recoup the costs they spent on making it and call the album their “labor of love”. You can buy an album from their website here.

Click the image of Trip and Weisbord to visit the Senior Song Book website.

As we close out 2019 and 2020 signals a fresh start, use Tripp and Weisbord as inspiration to start something you have put off – a project, a business, a product, a dream, or even your “labor of love.” As they have proven, it is never too late to start, and, as Tripp eloquently shares, “Everyone, everywhere, is able to do something.”

You can also read more about Tripp and Weisbord’s journey here.

Best wishing for a successful, prosperous, healthy and happy 2020!