Buyer Love Letters to Home Sellers: What to Watch Out For

In a competitive real estate market, buyers want to give as much strength to their offers as possible in an effort to try and edge out other offers for the same property.

One creative way to try and get a seller’s attention is for a buyer to write a letter to the seller explaining why the seller should select their offer. In the industry, these letters are referred to as love letters. These letters often include family photos.

While you may think this is a great idea, you need to know that love letters can be a detriment.

A letter to a seller that unintentionally reveals your status in one of the seven protected classes of the Fair Housing Act could result in a violation if the seller makes a decision based on information pertaining to your race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status or national origin provided in your letter.

Writing a personal letter can also hinder your negotiating power because a seller could view your letter as you “showing your hand” before negotiations even begin.

A seller can become uncomfortable if you divulge too much information in a love letter. You would be weakening the strength of your offer position because the seller can no longer be objective in negotiating with you.

You want to think twice before you put pen to paper to create a love letter. Instead, find ways to improve the content of your offer to give it as much strength as possible. The seller views the sale as a financial transaction that should not be emotion-driven.

You want to buy a home based on the merits of your offer. I can help you put your best offer on the table. Call or email me, and let’s make your home-buying experience a positive one.

Here’s How to Refresh Your Home This Spring

Springtime should be an inspiring time for you. Inspiration can often give way to the desire to create a fresh look for your home. But busy schedules don’t always accommodate the traditional deep cleaning that everyone associates with springtime. If you find yourself short on time, here are ideas to freshen up elements of your home with some easy visual changes and tidying up.

Starting with your entry, your home’s first impression will improve by washing down the front porch and adding a new doormat. Decluttering the entry hall or mudroom of any remnants of winter by adding attractive storage bins is an easy way to freshen up the space you and your visitors first see.

Rotate some of your d├ęcor and use the addition of flowers and plants to any area of your home to give it that fresh springtime feeling. The change of the season is the time to create a new centerpiece for your table. This can be as simple as having a fruit bowl or houseplant be your new inspirational theme. Table clutter seems to disappear when you have an attractive centerpiece.

You will find that lightweight cleaning will brighten up the interior of your home and complement other suggested visual tweaks. Take some time to clean light bulbs, lamps and mirrors. Your mood will brighten up as the inside spaces of your home lighten up.

Give me a call, and I will help you create a plan so you can enjoy freshening up your home with other nonintimidating fine-tuning ideas.