No Granite? Don’t Let That Be a Deal Breaker!

If you’re looking for the perfect house, that huge wish list you’re carrying around may be holding you back – and ultimately could cost you your dream home.

Even the casual HGTV watcher will be familiar with “granite obsession.” Picture this: A real estate agent is showing a couple a house that has great curb appeal in their chosen neighborhood, at a price they can afford. It’s perfect. Or is it?

“Hate that fixture,” the husband says, as the couple checks out the dining room.

They pause in the kitchen.

“This has to be completely redone,” he says. “No granite countertops.”

She agrees. The husband and wife nod knowingly at each other, and the real estate agent, who has heard it all before, says to himself, “Granite obsession.”

Despite the home’s obvious advantages, the couple can’t see the forest for the trees … or rather the house for its d├ęcor.

Instead of obsessing over paint colors, fixtures and granite countertops, the couple should be asking their real estate agent about the neighborhood; discussing recent energy-saving upgrades and the home’s electrical system; checking for leaks or cracks that may signal a roof repair or foundation problem; and deciding if the floor plan and room sizes will meet their lifestyle needs.

The couple should ask if window coverings are included and if the appliances are in working order. And even if these are not to their tastes, the couple will save a lot of money if they can live with the status quo and not have to buy new appliances, fixtures or drapes immediately.

Got questions?

Ask your real estate agent. He or she can recommend home inspectors, contractors, designers and others you might want to ask for a second opinion.

But don’t hold out for granite, hardwood or high-end appliances. You may never get a second chance at your dream home.