How to Leap Those First-Time Buyer’s Hurdles

First-time home buyers have plenty of obstacles to overcome.

There is an intricate maze of details that need to be carefully navigated.

Following are five obstacles that first-time buyers have to overcome when looking to buy a home:

Down Payment:

Saving enough for the down payment is not sufficient. Closing costs must also be considered. Closing costs are additional fees such as the lawyer’s fees, escrow charges, appraisal fees, financing fees and utility adjustments. A good rule of thumb is 2% of the purchase price will cover the closing costs. So for a $200,000 home with a 5% down payment, you would require $14,000 to cover both the down payment and closing costs.

Mortgage Preapproval:

Many first-time home buyers overlook the preapproval process. This mistake can cost you your dream home. Visit a mortgage professional to see what kind of mortgage you qualify for and closely examine the actual cost of the money you must borrow to purchase a home.

Use a Real Estate Agent:

Some home buyers think they can go it alone. Buying a home is a complex legal process, and buyer representatives have the knowledge and know-how to make your home-buying experience a happy one.

Know the Difference Between What You Need and What You Want:

It is fine to dream big, but the home-buying process can be very frustrating when you have a $200,000 budget and $500,000 taste. It is essential to the buying process to identify what your home must have and what you would like it to have.

Believe in Yourself:

It seems that when you are buying your first home, everyone has an opinion about the purchase. This can be confusing because unsolicited advice clouds your decision. Believe in your ability to assimilate the facts, look at the property and decide what to buy.


Selling Your Home? Here’s How to Make it Lovable

Today’s buyers love vibrant red and orange accent walls, usually in contrast to earth-toned neutrals. They also love stoves with super-quiet exhaust fans, kitchen islands, and recessed lighting combined with hanging pendant fixtures.

In the bathroom, they love glass and stone finishes with brushed nickel faucets and floating vanities. And don’t forget the open floor plans that blend kitchen, dining room and family room into a single open space. Seducing today’s buyers is almost a necessity in today’s real estate market. But how far should you go to cater to buyers’ wants?

It depends. Unless you’re selling a luxury property, you don’t have to buy a professional-grade stove. However, you may want to consider trading your outdated avocado appliances for stainless steel and buying an inexpensive island on casters to make the kitchen feel more modern.

Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, so it makes sense to spend the majority of your renovation dollars to upgrade these spaces. In the bathroom, new fixtures, a soft color for the walls and sconce lighting will make a world of difference. Add fluffy white towels, flowers and candles, and you have a spa that buyers will love.

A fresh coat of neutral paint is always a cost-effective solution. And an accent wall can make a space look bigger, warmer and more up to date.

Carpeting is out and exotic woods and travertine floors are in. However, your buyers will likely be as impressed with less-expensive flooring options.