How the Seasons and Weather Affect the Real Estate Market

Buyers searching for a new home will do well to remember how seasons are likely to impact real estate. Learn how to obtain the best price while making seasonal variations and weather trends work for you with these quick tips:

Always view homes in person. Although a picture may be worth a thousand words, there are times when a photo can actually lead you astray; overgrown bushes could be hiding a diamond in the rough, while a snow-laden landscape may not show the true beauty and charm of a potential property. Assuming all things are equal, take time to visit a property in person before making a final decision.

Shop during the “off” times. Motivated sellers may need a fast sale due to job transfers or other family situations; unfortunately, they aren’t always able to take advantage of perfect timing. Harsh weather, holidays and other “off” times often result in fewer people looking for properties. Offer fast closing times and other negotiation strategies for a win-win situation.

Purchase extra protection. Seasonal variations can give misleading inspection results if you aren’t careful. Always take the time to obtain a professional inspection and pay close attention to “off season” items. For example, in the middle of winter it’s easy to discover heating-related problems but don’t forget to have the HVAC system checked too. Other common seasonal culprits include pools, irrigation systems, fireplaces and windows. An appraisal is an inexpensive way to guard against seasonal real estate related problems.