I hate my partner

Check out ihatemypartner.com.

It’s one of the best online marketing campaigns I’ve seen for a long time. The site is especially good when you consider it’s from an investment firm targeting the business market.

What do I love about it?

Great name, "I Hate My Partner": Hits you straight between the eyes and speaks directly to the firm’s target audience — people who…err…hate their business partner and want to dissolve the partnership.

Well-executed humor: Making your marketing funny is dangerous, unless it’s done well. This site does it excellently. Humor, when it works, engages your prospects and increases the chance of  the campaign going viral.

Engaging involvement device: The Gauge your Rage quiz is fun and, more importantly, gets prospects interacting with the marketing. That gets (and keeps) their attention.

Smart product name: It’s called The Shotgun Fund. Named after the "shotgun clause" many partnerships have. But, of course, if you really do hate your partner, then a shotgun…

Excellent overall execution: The graphical design, Flash design and copywriting are first-rate.

Great potential for going viral
: I’ve already sent this site around to friends — and now I’m showing it to you, simply because it’s funny, smart and well executed. That, coupled with three amusing videos on YouTube, mean they’ve covered all the bases.

What do you think? What do you like and what do you hate about this campaign?

Here’s the link to visit the site.