how to customize your
real estate newsletter

1. Every month (by 15th of the previous month) the latest
edition of the Realtor newsletter will be posted in the members’ area of
the website.

2. Use Microsoft Word to customize your newsletter as much as you like … even the title
and the design. It takes 15 minutes or less.

3. Print it from your own computer, take it to a copy shop or send it to a professional printer.
Also, send it by email or put a copy on your website.

watch a video demonstration

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Test Drive this
Real Estate Newsletter


By Simon Payn, Founder

Here’s what you get…

Complete flexibility:
You can
change everything in this newsletter because its in Word.

and email:
Easy to customize and
print… or send newsletter via email.

lock-in period or set-up fee:
it free, cancel whenever you wish.

Please your
clients with interesting, useful content:

Recent articles include, "How to Give Your Home
Curb Appeal," "7 Things that will Stop Your House from Selling,"
and "Quick Fixes for a Great Looking Kitchen."

designs, choice of sizes:

Instead of just one size and one
design, you have 3 designs to choose from, and 2 and 4-page
editions. You have access to all varieties every month, so you
can change your mind when you want.
Read more about the three designs

Easy to customize:

You get a Word document you can
change yourself as much…or as little…as you want.

Flexible ways to print or send by
You can
customize the newsletters and print them…or send them
electronically in a variety of methods.
Read more about sending newsletters

Get response from your clients: I’ve included 4
free reports you can use to attract clients to your list and
encourage existing clients to get in touch with you again. Plus:
puzzles and quiz keep readers engaged with you.

No-risk 12-month guarantee:

I’m so sure your clients will love
your newsletter that I’ll give you your money back if they

Read about the guarantee

Stay as long as you like:
Subscribe for as long or
short a time as you wish. There’s no minimum subscription, and
you pay on a month-to-month basis.

Free help setting it up.
I’m here to get you
started and sort out any problems. You get access to my direct
phone number.

With the "free test drive" offer, you pay nothing for the
first month, then $29.97 automatically each month afterwards.

There’s no lock-in period and no set-up
fee. Just email
or call 1-877-976-6368 to
cancel or for support.

Why is it free for one month?
Because I know once you experience the benefits of the Real
Estate Edition, you’ll want to keep subscribing at that level.

An investment in your success

You already know how important it is to
market yourself. And you also know that marketing costs. But think about

If you get just one new
listing thanks to your newsletter,
it’s paid for itself many times over

So use this chance to experience the benefits of the Real Estate
Edition with this one-month free test drive.

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