Even the dog was licking stamps

We’ve started mailing out welcome packages to all our new clients. 

Well, to be precise, Mayna – our long-suffering customer support manager – is sending them out. 

She took all the material home to collate – and had to drag in the entire family to help. 

Even the dog. 

It was like an Amazon fulfillment center in there. 

But sometimes, doing this kind of thing isn’t such a bad idea. 

If you start using our print format newsletters, you’ll find that we don’t force you to print with us, unlike some other newsletter companies. 

Yes, we offer a great value printing and mailing service – but you are also welcome to print your newsletters yourself or with a local printer, if you prefer. 

If you’re sending just a few, it often pays to print them in the office and mail them out yourself. It might be cheaper if you are printing and mailing fewer than 200 copies because you don’t qualify for cheap postage anyway below that number. 

Some of our clients find that organizing mailings is a great job for their teen children – it keeps them away from their phones for an hour or two. And all that folding and stuffing is good exercise. 

On top of that, a hand-written envelope with some real stamps sure stands out in people’s mailboxes. 

So if you would like a newsletter that you can print (and email!) any way you like, head over to https://www.readytogonewsletters.com/onemonthfree/