First He Worked for Daily Newspapers
… and Now He Wants to Work with You!

How An Ink-Stained Journalist
Discovered the Most Powerful and Profitable
Marketing Techniques in Existence

From Simon    Payn

Dear    business owner:

There’s    nothing like personal, one-on-one help from an expert to    make your business more profitable.

ready-made newsletters are a great start — especially if you customize
them yourself — it takes an expert, personalized partnership to create
client communications that make a giant difference to your profits .

here to promise you not only will I help you make more money — but
I’ll also boost the satisfaction you get from your business.

name is Simon Payn and I have a 13-year track record in magazines,
newspapers and online. I’ve worked on daily newspapers, writing and
editing articles — and then laying out pages and writing headlines.

I managed editorial for the largest English-language website in
continental Europe, growing to 500,000 readers a month.

That all    means I can write, edit and design to    world-class standards.

But it    doesn’t stop there. I’ve been on a mission to    discover…

… the Most Profitable, Most    Effective
  and Most Persuasive
    Marketing Techniques in the World

discovered how to write letters that sell products and services, how to
keep clients loyal so they come back more often, and how to attract
clients in the first place.

In other    words…I can help businesses make more money.

that’s why when you hire me and my team to create your newsletters —
or any other marketing materials — you’ll get the best of both worlds:
world-class editorial skills honed on the highest quality publications
and marketing savvy sharpened by studying the best in the business.

There’s    no-one else who has this unique mix.

So    How Can That One-of-a Kind Combo Help You?    

Make    more money from your existing clients:
I’ll create newsletters and other marketing tools that encourage
customers to come back more often and spend more money

Grow    your business with new clients:
I’ll show you how newsletters and other powerful techniques — offline
and online — will boost your customer base… and income

Forget    worrying about the competition: You’ll set yourself    apart from your rivals as the only choice —    you’ll even be able to charge more money… and still    have more clients than you can handle

Get    more satisfaction from your business:
If you ever feel like you’ve bought yourself another job, now’s the
chance to take control — with powerful marketing tools like this
you’ll have the clients and income you need to run the business how you want to run it.


This    Is What You Get…

professional partner with 13 years’ experience meeting deadlines and
turning out work to international standards

You can    use me for…

Powerful    and attractive newsletters:
Boost your profits with the number one way to keep customers coming
back (and prospects inside your sphere of influence)

Must-read articles and professional editing:
Fill your newsletter or other publications with articles that get
people reading and encourage them to take action

Marketing content for your brochures or website: Combine the best in editorial with powerful persuasion    to collect prospects and turn these names into clients

Low-cost pay-per-click campaigns:
Some of my ads have a 25% click-through rate — so a lower cost per
click — because I’ve mastered the mysterious ‘haiku’ of the Google
AdWords system

Automated prospect and client contact systems: Convert prospects to clients with no effort using    automatic ‘drip marketing’ tools and techniques

Pre-press and printing:
Forget the hassle of dealing with printers — and save some money —
thanks to my links with high-quality suppliers

There’s    more…but first let’s start talking. So here’s…

…How    to Get in Touch

complete the short form below. It will help me gather more information
about your business so we can begin our conversation from a running

Alternatively, you can email or call    1-877-976-6368.

I’ll get    back in touch with you right away.

Note: I’m    getting booked up quite quickly, so please fill in the    form now so you don’t miss out.

Warm    regards

Simon Payn

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