Club 200 Program

If you’ve been wanting to print and mail your newsletters and price has been a concern, now’s the time to jump onboard with this ridiculously low printing and mailing price.

With the Club 200 Program, the longer you print, the longer you continue to benefit from a rate you’d usually see when printing over 750 newsletters.

  • 20% discounted rate

    when printing 200 to 300 newsletters

  • ongoing discount

    for each consecutive month you print, you continue to get 20% off

  • no additional fees

    outside of print & mail costs and existing newsletter subscription

Your contacts need to see you in their mailboxes over and over again to remember you. This is why results from printing and mailing [anything] come from repetition over a bit of time. Read more stats on the benefits of print mail here.

  • Have questions or ready for Club 200?

    Call us at 1-877-976-6368 and select option 4 today to get started or to learn more about the Club 200 Program.

Club 200 Fine Print

Club 200 Program includes:

color printed, 4 page self-mailer newsletters only

matte #80 paper only

bulk mail postage

20% discounted rate of $1.45 per newsletter

[you may upgrade to 1st class postage for $0.28 per newsletter]

Club 200 Program requires:

Order minimum of $290

Consecutive monthly printing to continue receiving the 20% discounted rate

*Club 200 Program pricing cannot be combine with another printing promotion*

  • Do you have fewer than 200 contacts?

    Email us at with your database size for a quote.

  • Do you have more than 300 contacts?

    Email us at with your database size for a quote.

What others are saying about us...

We have noticed that in the week after a newsletter goes out, we always get at least 2 listing appointments.

Kelley Miller

I mail out 2,500 newsletters a month...I have had great success and my business has improved substantially.

Johnny Brooks

This is the best newsletter I have ever seen. My clients are telling me they are actually reading it! I think that’s because it has lots of content that isn’t just about real estate.

Greg Sparkman

As a result of my newsletters I have gotten 2 sellers to list with me. One directly as a result of receiving my newsletter monthly, and the 2nd sellers were the neighbors of the first happy sellers!

Deona Powell