5 ways to pump up your newsletter

Hi ~Contact.FirstName~,

I had a couple of consultations with clients today (it’s a bonus we offer as part of your membership).

Now…our newsletters work just great as they are, but some people want to squeeze even more out of our product.

So I thought I would share with you the advice I gave them on how they could get even better results from their newsletters.

1. Include testimonials. Nothing says “results” better than a real, happy client.

2. Tell us why you’re different. Your newsletter is your space to shine, so don’t make yourself look like everyone else. Why should people choose you and not a competitor?

3. Be local and relevant. Include a neighborhood real estate market report (use your MLS data or ask us to supply you with stats) and add some commentary. Prove that you are the #1 expert at real estate in your neighborhood. (We can write local content for you if you don’t have time.)

4. Include lots of links to your website in your email newsletter. Give people a chance to engage with you. We can set up your newsletter with ready-made links, then you can go ahead and add others under relevant content.

5. Tell them what they need to do next. If you want people to take a certain action, tell them exactly what to do. When it’s not clear what to do next, most people will do nothing.

That’s just five things I shared yesterday. There are lots more!