Savings, Savings, Savings

To set you up for greater success in the new year and help you ACE your marketing goals, we’re launching a December Pre-Pay Promo where you get an extra 7% off when you pay before December 23rd.

What does that mean for you? You'll save 7% on annual membership plans
as well as any printing and mailing services as long as you get your package dialed in by December 23rd.

Save an extra 7% for 2021

  • You'll save

    by paying $648 for the year instead of $697
    on your newsletter membership, your social media posting membership or both!

  • Set yourself up for success

    by deciding on your schedule ahead of time and by saving an extra 7% on printing and mailing services along with annual memberships. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

  • Solidify your social media postings

    at this extremely discounted rate by getting 365 days
    of done-for-you Facebook or Instagram posts for $648

  • Get the lowest printing prices available to date

    on 4 page newsletters because after December 23rd, you won’t be able to enjoy these incredible savings. You’ll save an extra $80-$240 or more if you have more than 200 contacts.

  • You decide the schedule

    print and mail monthly, every other month or quarterly

  • Increase your reach and reduce your costs

    by bringing in a valuable resource for your readers. Tap into a valuable resource you already know, like an attorney or a contractor or another complimentary industry expert, to share their knowledge. You get to tap into each other’s lists and split the costs.

  • Get your custom quote

    by sharing your scenario in the form below and we’ll send over your custom quote

Want to learn what your savings
could be? Request a quote.

Your contacts need to hear from you so that they can remember to turn to you when they need your services. This is why results from printing and mailing [anything] come from repetition over a bit of time so we're extending an extra 7% off your 2021 printing and mailing as well as annual memberships. Read more stats on the benefits of print mail here.

Pre-Pay Promo Fine Print

Pre-Pay Promo on Annual Memberships includes:

12 months of full membership services (that begin at the end of your current annual membership) at an additional 7% off

Pre-Pay Promo on Printing & Mailing in US includes:

color printed, 4 page self-mailer newsletters only

bulk mail postage

[you may upgrade to 1st class postage for $0.28 per newsletter]

7% discounted rate of $1.40 per newsletter for quantities of 200-500

7% discounted rate of $1.50 per newsletter for quantities of 501-1,000

Printed newsletters must be redeemed before December 22nd, 2021.

This offer is not available if you have fewer than 200 addresses.
This offer is not valid for printing and mailing in Canada.

Pre-Pay Promo requires:

Payment of 2021 services is due by December 23rd, 2020 in order
to receive the additional 7% discount.

Discounted rates will no longer be available starting December 24th, 2020.

Pre-payments are non-refundable.

Pre-payments can only be made using credit cards.

Any balance remaining on the pre-paid charges will be forfeited
without further fulfillment on December 23rd, 2021.

If you sign up for Pre-Pay Promo printing and mailing services,
you agree to complete and accept the printing and mailing terms of service here.

*Pre-Pay Promo pricing cannot be combined with another printing promotion*

  • Do you have fewer than 200 contacts?

    Email us at with your database size for a quote.

What others are saying about us...

We have noticed that in the week after a newsletter goes out, we always get at least 2 listing appointments.

Kelley Miller

I mail out 2,500 newsletters a month...I have had great success and my business has improved substantially.

Johnny Brooks

This is the best newsletter I have ever seen. My clients are telling me they are actually reading it! I think that’s because it has lots of content that isn’t just about real estate.

Greg Sparkman

As a result of my newsletters I have gotten 2 sellers to list with me. One directly as a result of receiving my newsletter monthly, and the 2nd sellers were the neighbors of the first happy sellers!

Deona Powell